“This is a very good album by a genuinely talented, working artist who has achieved a lot already, and is on the cusp of bigger things. If you buy this or see her live you won’t be disappointed.”

Live Blues Review

“Fine and memorable melodies.”


“This is an album of journey and exploration and that’s where its greatest strength lies, Nicky seems at her happiest when she’s on a path of discovery, experiencing something new, both positive and negative and turning those thoughts into something easy to share, well share the journey at least, because you feel that’s way more important than answers.”

Neil King, Fatea Magazine

“The album is never parochial and even those songs that touch on specific names or places carry emotional resonances far beyond the town boundaries. Well worth exploring.”

Net Rhythms

“Insightful and intelligent.”

Americana UK

“A captivating and rewarding album.”

The Musician

David Kushar on How Does Your Land Lie?

“Nicky Swann hit a rich seam when she decided to explore some of the stories behind her home town, Newton Abbot in South Devon. Approaching each character, or event, from such an angle as to place the listener at the heart of the matter, this is an intelligent and ambitious album.

‘A Piece Of Me’, depicting the life of music teacher and oil painter, David Studdard, becomes a wide-eyed romantic view of his Devonshire landscape. Determined dreamer, John Lethbridge, took a cider barrel and invented a diving machine – in Nicky’s hands this becomes a lavish show tune with belting vocals. And ‘One Track Line’ brings fresh perspectives to the tragic tale of Kitty Jay.

A majority of tunes are ballads but each with individual nuances. Joined by a set of players capable of enhancing each moment, they are used wisely. ‘Because Of You’, a portrayal of Frank Matchem, designer of more than two hundred theatres, is a sumptuous string-laden odyssey. But the sadness of the wartime bombing of the local railway station sticks with the simplistic velveteen qualities of Nicky’s voice and guitar. Departures bring a percussion-backed barrelling piano for the tale of Victorian social reformer Dr. John Willian Ley on ‘Union Babies’. And ‘Sing’, a tribute to Tuckers Maltings and its annual beer festival, finishes this engrossing musical adventure on a knees-up.”

David Kushar

Live Reviews

“Nicky Swann was an absolute revelation, a singer-songwriter of genuine class who held the audience in the palm of her hand.”

Kontra Roots

“Loved her songs.”

Boo Hewerdine

“A voice with heart and passion. Acoustic raw talent, a pure, enigmatic soul.”

Maverick Magazine